The 2Tel revulution

2Tel offers a variaty of mobile and telecomunication services that will help SMB’s and self employed manage their business easier and help them grow

Why 2Tel?

Mobile services that will help your business grow

Be availble at your convinience

2Tel allows it’s customers to be availble at their working hours and at their convinience.

Manage your business telecomunication services in one place

With 2Tel you can manage all your telecomunication needs in one single place

Service and support

2Tel offers the a package of services that will help your business grouw, and all that with the full and profesional  support and customer service of it’s employees.

Getting cusomers feedback

With 2Tel you can send survys and get customer feedback and post positive ones on Google, fast and easly.

About 2Tel

The newest player in the market

2Tel was founded by Maskyoo, the leader in call tracking and virtual numbers market in Israel, out of it’s familiarity with of the SMB’s and self employed market, and with the acknowledgment that the mobile device is the biggest work tool for this sector, but they are unable to fully actualize its potential.

2Tel vision is the combination of SMB’s needs with its technological and telecomunication abilities, while putting service and customer service at the front.

Products and services

2Tel package of products and services

Support and service

Need help? Want to make changes in your account?

Soon! we’re launching a new app that will help you find the answers you were looking for, and let you make changes in your account.

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    The list of countries that are in this plan:

    • USA
    • Canada
    • Germany
    • Italy
    • France
    • Netherlands
    • Austria
    • Greece
    • Belgium
    • Denmark
    • Spain
    • Portugal
    • Switzerland
    • Ireland
    • Czech Republic

    רשימת המדינות הנכללות בתוכנית:

    • ארה”ב
    • קנדה
    • גרמניה
    • איטליה
    • צרפת
    • הולנד
    • אוסטריה
    • יוון
    • בלגיה
    • דנמרק
    • ספרד
    • פורטוגל
    • שוויץ
    • אירלנד
    • צ’כיה
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